Hello Klamath Falls, Medford, Grants Pass, Josephine and Jackson counties, and the entire Rogue Valley! We opened our doors in the fall of 2019, and we’re happy to be here. The blue skies, rugged landscape, and dry sunny climate. We’re also looking forward to being the preeminent precast concrete producer in Southern Oregon.

A few years ago, we noticed there was a local need for our products in the area. We were receiving more calls, producing, and delivering more products from the coast to the I-5 corridor. We investigated the area, enlisted the help of the Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc. found a realtor, a plot of land, and here we are.

No longer will you need to order your manholes from Eugene or Northern California, or Electrical Vaults from Portland, or catch basins from even further away. With Rogue Valley Precast, you’ll be able to get your buried infrastructure materials from a local company.

A New Company with Old Experience

Even though we just hung our shingle, Rogue Valley Precast was born from more than 110 years of combined managerial and production experience. Our staff has worked all over the country, refining our processes and staying up to date with new advances in the industry. With this new location, we’ve designed a facility that is efficient, capable of producing a variety of products, and environmentally conscious.

A Sustainable Product, A Sustainable Company

Concrete itself is a very sustainable product. Made from raw and natural materials, strong enough to stand up to major stresses, and long-lasting than other building materials. Concrete won’t warp, rust, or rot when it gets wet, repels animal infestations, and nearly maintenance-free.

But that’s just one part of the equation at Rogue Valley Precast. In our state-of-the-art controlled facility, we’re able to monitor the entire process. From the mix to the pour to the casting and finally the strengthening process, we’re able to test every batch to make sure our quality standards are met.

There is very little waste at Rogue Valley Precast. We’re able to recycle materials, meaning very little refuse is taken to the landfill. We are completely run on solar power – the roof of our plant is nearly 80 percent covered with solar panels. We even choose our partners based on their sustainable beliefs and proximity to our facility to cut down on emissions.

All of this will culminate in Rogue Valley Precast earning SMaRT Certification. This designation is awarded to companies that meet up to 50 different standards, including the sustainability of the product itself. With our facility, we produce buried infrastructure that is built to last a century.

What you need, When you need it

With Rogue Valley Precast in Southern Oregon, you’ll be able to get your vaults, catch basins, and manholes from a local precaster. We’re able to produce these pieces and test them for strength well before you need them. That way, when you’re ready for installation, you’ll know the pieces will be ready to go.

As soon as the excavation is done, the precast parts will be at the site and ready for installation. With pour in place concrete, you’ll need to spend time building forms, pouring the concrete, wait for it to harden, and then remove the forms. With Rogue Valley Precast products, you’ll be able to backfill the same day of installation.

Your LOCAL Precast Concrete Facility

Located in the shadow of Table Rock, both public and private entities in Southern Oregon will be able to get their buried infrastructure products from a local company. Turnaround times will be improved, the quality will be consistent, and you’ll be working with a sustainable company.

If you have a project on the horizon – big or small, pubic or private – give Rogue Valley a call. We’re happy to be here and we look forward to meeting our new neighbors.

Logo RPV in white Partners

Logo RPV in white Partners