Concrete wastewater treatment represents a necessary and welcome step in the continuous improvement and refinement of precast production.

Concrete remains one of the world’s most popular materials; it’s used in all sorts of projects. With that popularity comes an increased need for water in the production process.

There are thousands upon thousands of gallons of water used each day to mix concrete and clean equipment. Thus, water conservation, reuse, and recycling are built into the production processes at Rogue Valley Precast.

Plus, on more practical, everyday grounds, when it comes to cleaning the inside of a concrete truck (a concrete washout), there is a lot of runoff water that needs to be discarded. The pH on this water can be hazardous and is also filled with sand, stone, and other aggregates that must be removed. That is why it is very important to treat concrete wastewater properly.

The primary goal of treating concrete wastewater is to ensure the water’s pH is restored to healthy, normal levels. The pH value of the water should be around 7 or 8 and this can be done by using pH adjusters such as sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide to rid the water of its high pH balance.

This helps minimize the water’s alkalinity and helps aggregate to settle out so you can filter it later of dissolved and suspended solids. Once the water is at the right pH, concrete producers use a mechanical filtration method, such as a filter press, to get rid of any leftover solids and aggregate.

If you are using concrete for business, industrial, or manufacturing, you will need to plan for treating concrete wastewater runoff. There are a variety of different treatment options out there and places that can perform an on-site analysis if needed.

Treating and recycling concrete process water means taking a proactive approach to the treatment process and maintaining regular contact with treatment plants, if and when necessary.

Clean water benefits us all. The precast concrete industry is increasingly tuned in to water treatment and wastewater discharge regulations (where water is pumped) along with advances in recycling systems.

In the meantime, if you are in need of new precast concrete products, the precast concrete experts at Rogue Valley Precast are experienced in a variety of precast concrete products. We’re ready to assist you with the right products for your specific project.

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