Manholes provide an important service to city and country infrastructure, allowing sewer lines and other wastewater to be redirected to treatment plants or other such facilities. These junction points allow workers to investigate issues along the line and make repairs or perform maintenance.

In the not-to-distant past, manholes had flat bases. So as wastewater came in, the base would fill up until reaching the height of the openings that took it down the line. This meant that debris in the line could get caught on the edge of the opening, slowly build, and cause obstructions that affected the flow.

There was a solution: sending someone down with a bucket of concrete to create channels by hand that guided wastewater or sewage directly to the outgoing pipe. This reduced the bottom edge of the opening, creating fewer snags and improving the flow of wastewater and sewage,

These channels were certainly an upgrade from the monobase manholes but still had their issues. While the channels were “custom-built” for each line coming in or going out, it is almost impossible to align the channel. That meant material could still get caught where the channel and manhole met, albeit at a much lower rate.

The manually produced channels were also poured in place. This means the mixture, weather conditions, and time enough to strengthen all needed to be ideal for the best results. Unfortunately, these hand-made channels often needed to be re-cast or repaired after time because working inside a manhole just wasn’t ideal.

The Perfect Solution

A perfect base manhole interiorImproving on the idea of creating channels, as well as adding more strength and creating less maintenance, the Perfect Base was born. By using exact specifications, these manhole bases improved flow, reduced the number of blockages, and made for more efficient sewer and wastewater lines.

In the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and around the world, manholes are made to specific dimensions. By feeding these dimensions into a computer, a manhole base form can be created and used during the creation of a manhole. In addition to the size of the manhole, opening for pipes will also be created.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Perfect Bases

With precast concrete bases, your sewer system is designed to last for a century. That means fewer repairs, replacements, and other service calls. As concrete technology improves, manholes are lasting even longer. Additives can be included to combat microbial induced corrosion as well, making the manhole even more durable.

Because precast concrete is an environmentally friendly material, it will be met with approval from cities that require “green” infrastructure. When using Rogue Valley Precast, you can be confident when bidding on a project that needs this designation. Opened in September of 2019, we earned SMaRT certification within a few months.

When designing our precast facility, Rogue Valley took everything into consideration. With a controlled environment, we are able to recycle or reuse wastewater and materials. Concrete itself is an eco-friendly product because of its longevity. We even choose our partners based on location and their commitment to the environment.

Our sister facility in Woodland was the first buried infrastructure plant in the U.S. to earn SMaRT certification. With the Rogue Valley location, we went even further: Our plant is run completely on solar panels. Our facility roof is nearly covered with solar panels, providing electricity to our equipment, offices, and conference rooms.

Your LOCAL Precast Concrete Company

Before Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon project managers had to wait for up to a month to get their manholes, catch basins, or vault structures. With our location in the heart of the Rogue Valley, we are able to provide turnarounds in half the time. Instead of going to Redding, CA, or Eugene, OR, you can find your buried infrastructure pieces here at home.

Although we are relatively new to the area, know that we are back by 160 years of combined experience in the industry. We have carefully chosen our managers, engineers, and other staff members to make sure we all work toward the same end: creating quality products consistently for our clients.

We monitor our products from the mixing stage to the final strength tests before any piece leaves the plant. If a particular batch doesn’t exceed all requirements, we start the process over. Because of our process, Rogue Valley Precast has already secured an annual agreement to provide electrical vaults to Pacific Power and Light.

We are ecstatic to be located in the shadow of Table Rock, able to provide local, durable precast products in Jackson and Josephine Counties. If you need Perfect Base manholes, stormwater solutions, or catch basins for water storage, contact Rogue Valley today. We’re your local precast concrete company.

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Logo RPV in white Partners