Concrete is a must-have in our society today. Without it, we would not have the cities and homes that make up our world. When it comes to the specifics of concrete and how it works — for example, the porosity of concrete — the science can get a little bit complex.

In this blog post, we will explain a bit more about how concrete works, including how concrete is watertight.

Concrete is incredibly durable, but one of the main goals is to keep water in or out. In other words, concrete needs to be solid and completely watertight.

Precast concrete is one of the most common ways to keep things watertight, and it also helps keep harmful chemicals out, too.

Is Concrete Porous?

Despite its appearance, hardness, and durability, concrete is actually a porous material. Working with precast concrete means keeping in mind that pores will always be present, and porosity will always need to be accounted for.

To do this, precast concrete production methods must maintain the proper levels of water content in the concrete mix itself.

To make sure the cement has the right porosity, the weight of the water must be divided by the weight of the cement. The mix is placed in formwork and then strengthened; this helps enable proper casting.

Any water that is left over once the cement is hydrated will cause pores to form in the concrete. The goal is to minimize the number of pores so as to ensure water does not leak in or out.

Concrete’s strength is directly linked with the water-to-cement ratio. If you need high-strength concrete, the water to cement ratio is low with very little porosity. The lower the porosity, the stronger and more impenetrable it is.

This is very important when it comes to constructing things like bridges, large-scale buildings, and other structures that must have the strongest possible product out there.

At Rogue Valley Precast, we understand how important it is to get the right combination for all precast concrete products. Our experience and expertise in this area are unmatched.

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