Precast concrete molds are the foundational elements of our production processes here in White City, Oregon. Concrete molds make everything we do at Rogue City Precast possible.

We produce precast concrete by casting the concrete into reusable molds. These molds are then cured at our facility before being delivered to the job site ready for installation. This process differs and improves upon the more traditional cast-in-place concrete, in which concrete is poured and cured at the job site.

Concrete molds, therefore, are fundamental. In many ways, the process of creating precast concrete elements that stand the test of time begins right there in those forms.

Molds can be produced using a number of materials, including wood, steel, rubber, and plastic. Molds not only delineate the forms themselves but also allow for a wide variety of customization of color, texture, and appearance.

Reinforcing and prestressing strengthen our poured concrete. That’s why precast concrete remains so durable and strong for so many decades. It’s also why concrete remains one of the world’s most popular building materials — as it has been for, quite literally, millennia.

Variety of Precast Concrete Molds

There are at least as many possible different types of precast molds as there are precast concrete forms. We say at least as many because as a customizable form the only limit is the ingenuity, engineering, and imagination of builders who utilize precast concrete to bring their creations to life.

Some examples: beam molds, column molds, and wall molds, including battery molds, flat molds, and tilting molds.

There are molds designed for specific precast concrete industry needs, such as products including materials designed for utility vaults, oil/water separators, septic tank, and so much more.

There are many more, including decorative molds and those designed to reinforce stairways made from concrete slabs.

In Need of Precast Concrete Molds?

In the market for a custom precast concrete mold? Working on a buried infrastructure project and seeking precast concrete solutions that adhere to regulations and environmental codes?

Get in touch with Rogue Valley Precast to start a discussion about how best to get your project off the ground — or in the ground, as the case may be.

With precast molds, we can help your project be more efficient and bring it home on time and on budget. Contact us today for information on our precast concrete products.

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