Excitement about the precast concrete industry was at an all-time high at Precast Show 2022. The annual event is the largest precast-specific trade show in North America. And with the enactment of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, industry experts forecast that up to 25% of pending construction projects will include precast concrete elements. So let’s look at what happened at the Precast Show 2022!

Gathering for three days in Kansas City, Missouri, attendees explored more than 80,000 square feet of show space featuring plant equipment, machinery, accessories, materials, and exhibits staged by service providers. Those providers treated visitors to service innovations, among other things.

According to the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), registration exceeded 4,600 people. Attendance figures indicate that this was a record-setting number of attendees and exhibits. In fact, registration numbers and the size of the event itself were the largest totals since the 2008 recession

“What an exciting week for the industry,” NPCA President Fred Grubbe said. “The joy on people’s faces said it all as they gathered together, saw old friends, and met new people. The show was not just well-attended, but active conversations led to both sales and potential business down the road. I believe everyone was eager to come to Kansas City and return to business as normal.”

This was the first precast concrete exhibition since many of the restrictions caused by the global pandemic were lifted. It’s been a long couple of years, but that didn’t stop visitors from taking full advantage of the opportunity.

“The Precast Show is the highlight of the year in our industry and a time to show the world who and what we are,” NPCA Chairman Mark Wieser of Wieser Concrete Products said). “I want to thank the exhibitors and producer members, but also commend Fred and the NPCA staff for all their hard work in making this a truly remarkable event. They set the bar really high for the years to come.”

Next year’s show will take place in Columbus, Ohio. Tentative dates are Feb. 23 through Feb 25, 2023.

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