Although we’ve been in our location for just a few months, we’re feeling right at home. As we begin our first full year as Rogue Valley’s local precast concrete product provider, we’d like to take some time to say thank you to all of you that have made us feel so welcome.

When we first started thinking about building the Rogue Valley Precast Products facility (we have a sister precast plant in Woodland, WA), we looked at the potential of growth as well as an area that was currently underserved. We discovered Southern Oregon either had to work with companies in Redding, CA or Eugene, OR.

We felt the Rogue Valley needed a precast concrete plant and began our search. We couldn’t have been happier with the help we received from the Southern Oregon Economic Development Group. They helped us find the land we needed, a realtor to introduce us to the owner, and any number of other tasks associated with moving into Southern Oregon.

Joining the Community

After securing the land and starting construction, we wanted to establish Rogue Valley Precast as the local precaster of Southern Oregon. By becoming a member of the Medford Builders Exchange, we wanted to give builders, project managers, and others in the construction industry a local choice for their buried infrastructure needs.

We believe the Medford Builders Exchange is an ideal way to do that. The Exchange was established more than 60 years ago, bringing those in the industry (and related fields) together. They also act as a bulletin board of sorts, offering information on bids, news related to permitting in Southern Oregon, and other construction news.

Providing A Green Option

The need for a local precaster was a major reason we set up shop in White City, but we’ve also been impressed with the natural beauty of the area. In the shadow of Table Rock, Rogue Valley Precast is doing its part to make sure that beauty remains untouched.

By earning SMaRT Certification within months of opening our doors in 2019, Rogue Valley Precast has proven its dedication to providing an environmentally friendly product. By reusing wastewater and materials, using local vendors, and producing products that last longer than any other material, our products will check any “green” boxes your construction bid needs.

We’ve even taken it one step further: The Rogue Valley Precast facility is powered completely by solar power. From the heavy casting machinery in the plant to the projectors in our conference rooms, we are a self-sufficient operation. The roof of our facility is almost 80 percent covered with solar panels to achieve this status.

This dedication to the environment – along with a high-quality and locally-produced product – which allowed Rogue Valley Precast to secure an annual contract with Pacific Power and Light. Providing power to more than 750,000 customers in Southern Oregon and beyond, PP&G is taking advantage of a durable product with fast turnaround times.

In less than half a year, we’ve made good use of the companies in the area as well as providing unbeaten craftsmanship and customer service for local entities. If you have a large construction project on the horizon, contact Rogue Valley Precast today. Let’s find out how we can help.

Logo RPV in white Partners

Logo RPV in white Partners