Sustainable concrete solutions is not just a marketing tag at Rogue Valley Precast. It’s how we aim to do business. And how we produce results for our clients while tending to the earth that supports us.

It’s the way forward for us as a company. And it contributes to the economic stability of this region.

When we write of sustainable concrete solutions, we mean that we produce our precast concrete using raw, natural materials. It means we work diligently to maintain an efficient system and regimen of recycling any waste materials generated at our facilities.

And it means other things, as well. Above and beyond the raw materials and the recycling tasks? We also go the extra mile to prevent our suppliers from having to do the same.

That is to say: We try to find local suppliers whenever possible, reducing delivery times and distances. Of course, this has the benefit of keeping money and economies flowing locally.

With the locations of our facilities, we can establish and maintain super fast turnaround times for our customers. Precast concrete has inherent benefits that include reproducibility and reusability. Once we cast a form at our batch facilities, we can use it again and again.

What’s more, this process and our way of doing business ensure that we remain a vital and friendly member of our community. With our newest location in White City, Oregon, we continue to build on our business and establish our traditions of excellence, quality, and superb customer service.

Sustainable Concrete: Solutions from Rogue Valley Precast

Rogue Valley Precast was the first buried infrastructure facility in the United States to be awarded SMART Certification. In fact, we’re a Platinum Level manufacturer. This is an extremely rare designation for producers of precast concrete products for underground utility construction.

Concrete is a sustainable product due in large part to its durability. There are ancient concrete structures that remain standing to this very day. Add this to the green business practices mentioned above and we begin to see a bigger picture. That picture reveals sustainable concrete solutions in both our business practices and in the precast concrete items we produce every day.

We value and honor the environment which allows us to produce quality goods and services for our partners throughout the region. Rogue also strives to be a preferred precast concrete supplier. So we focus on remaining sustainable at every step of the production process.

Take a look at our products. Each represents a sustainable concrete solution for a wide range of products: catch basins, utility vaults, stormwater dispersal systems, and more.

Our Products

Let us know if you have any questions. That list above is not comprehensive. We can design, engineer, and produce customizable forms for any and all construction project requirements.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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Logo RPV in white Partners