Students in programs around the country are learning more about the importance of precast concrete. Teaching students about precast concrete leads many to consider a career in this field.

In years past, there was usually only a short discussion around this subject, especially in civil engineering courses. However, civil engineering students who leave the classroom for internships or graduate and get a degree in the field often find that they wish they knew more about the inner workings of precast concrete.

Idaho State University

Idaho State University is one school that is doing its part in teaching students about precast concrete, ensuring they know how to not only use precast products but craft plans with it, too.

The university recently joined forces with the National Precast Concrete Association Foundation to provide a four-year curriculum called Precast Concrete Design Studio. The curriculum is used as a technical elective for senior undergraduate and graduate students and focuses mainly on the transportation of these concrete products.

As students work their way through this curriculum, they are given the opportunity to see, feel, and work with real precast demonstration pieces. Participants also take time to travel to precast concrete yards and production facilities to give them greater knowledge of how to use the products in their engineering plans.

Precast concrete products are critical to the design, production, and construction of many projects around the country. Looking at the future of our country’s growth with construction projects happening everywhere, teaching students how to use and work with precast concrete is something that is very important. In addition, giving students the chance to listen to professionals in the precast industry only helps give them a deeper knowledge of what they will need in a real-life working situation.

Precast studies at universities don’t just teach students book knowledge. They provide exposure to real-life applications of theories and calculations, giving them the chance to learn the limitations of their design and how they can most effectively use precast to implement designs that work.

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