Transporting precast concrete panels is one example of a broad range of logistics involved in moving concrete from the production facility to the job sites. We’ve covered the general topic of shipping precast concrete elements. Now we’ll look more closely at a specific product and how it gets from Point A to Point B.

First of all, transporting precast concrete panels — or any precast concrete piece, for that matter — differs in significant ways from moving fresh concrete. Getting fresh concrete from one place to another involves the use of special concrete transport trucks (in-transit mixers). These machines are specifically designed to mix concrete while transporting it to the job site.

Transporting precast concrete panels, however, is much different. Since precast concrete is delivered to construction sites already made and ready to be installed, it requires heavy lifting equipment and powerful trucks to move it from the production yard to the job site.

Shipping Precast Concrete Vault Panels

At Rogue Valley Precast, we produce precast concrete vault panels, among many other products. Once we’ve removed the precast concrete from its form, we move it in three main steps: plant to yard, yard to truck, and truck to the installation site.

Each step of this process is performed with safety and efficiency in mind. We abide by all safety regulations and procedures and follow best practices informed by years of experience in the concrete industry.

One main consideration involves the number of panels and the load capacity of the individual trucks. This allows us to calculate just how many trucks we’ll need.

As a broad overview of the process, the panels are loaded so as to avoid unnecessary stresses that might damage the products. The integrity of the panels is often further reinforced and stabilized by the use of A-frame trailers, spacers, and racks.


An additional layer of protection during transit is provided by cushioning and dunnage. This is material that keeps the heavy cargo in place. Finally, the panels are lifted and unloaded using heavy lifting devices. These may include lifting inserts, lift holes, and embedded lift cables inserted at support points to ensure proper placement. Depending on loading conditions, hydraulic clamps and embedded lifters may also be utilized.

We do this with the utmost attention paid to the safety of our workers and the integrity of the product. We monitor the lifting and handling and transport. It’s quite a feat of engineering to produce these precast elements and transport them safely to the construction sites!

Contact Rogue Valley Precast for additional information or to learn more about our services. Concrete’s strength is well-known. Our designs, processes, and control measures are implemented to provide our partners with the full-strength, customizable precast concrete materials they need.

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