At Rogue Valley Precast, we recognize the need for a variety of utility vault concrete products, including vault structures for use in industries of all kinds. There are also precast vaults that are used for underground stations. They come in different shapes and sizes, mainly square or rectangular, but they can also be customized in pieces that are assembled on site.

Utility Vault Concrete Products

There are many different vault structures, ranging from water, containment, and treatment vaults. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Water Retention
  • Hazardous Material

Water Retention

Part of stormwater management is ensuring that water runoff will not cause flash flooding. Vaults will help ensure water is captured and kept secure, so the water can make its way through pipes in a controlled way.

Hazardous Material

If your project includes working with biological, chemical, or other material that poses a threat to human, animal, or other environmental safety, it is important to ensure that your precast vault keeps that material in one place. Precast vaults are used to help enclose that material in waste tanks, both above and below ground, helping prevent leaks.

There are many different advantages of precast concrete vaults, including precast concrete utility and underground utility vaults. They are durable and are crafted to hold up under different temperatures, ranging from the blazing days of summer heat to the coldest night of winter. They will not rust or rot. They’re non-combustible and even if there is a fire, they will retain their structural integrity.

You can rest easy knowing your precast products will only get stronger over time.

No matter what your project is, our selection of utility vaults and precast concrete products at Rogue Valley Precast is able to stand the test of time.

Our experienced team at Rogue Valley Precast knows the inner workings of the production techniques needed for vault products. Visit us today to learn more about our available products. We can also create a customized order fit to your specific project.

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