What is a box culvert? Precast reinforced concrete box culverts are high-quality, versatile products that have four sides and are used for a variety of infrastructure projects.

Whether it is an office building, a new subdivision, a tunnel featuring concrete pipes and box sections, or even a railroad project, culverts come in both small and large rectangular sizes, and have a multitude of uses.

How big are box culverts?

Small culverts have a span of 1200 mm or less and large culverts are 1500 mm and up. They also come in custom sizes that can be manufactured to a specific project size.

They also come in crown and inverted orientations, the crown shape being n-shaped, while inverted units are u-shaped troughs.

What are they used for?

Box culverts are some of the most widely used precast concrete products that are used in projects everywhere. Some of the most common uses are:

  • Drainage: Box culverts are used to help stormwater drainage routes to flow well and also can prevent flooding.
  • Ducting: You will often see culverts used for housing large amounts of electrical cable. They can also be used for industrial air or water ducts.
  • Bridging: Waterways underneath tunnels, railways, and roads require box culverts. At Rogue Valley Precast, our culverts are engineered and designed to comply with all state road regulations, so you can ensure that your project meets all standards.

Box culverts are built to withstand a variety of elements and are a vital part of today’s modern structures. They can resist corrosive elements and hold up against high volumes of water inside. They are designed to be installed easily with minimal excavation required.

Now that you know how versatile box culverts are, you can ensure that there is one that will work well with your specific project. Rogue Valley Precast has culvert options and can help answer any questions you have about them, too. Visit us today to learn more.

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