Concrete wet wells play a critical part in the overall function of urban, residential, and country living. That’s because they are used as a wastewater solution, holding raw sewage in one place until it is ready to be moved to the next step in the wastewater treatment process.

Important wet well must-knows

These concrete well products are kept underground and ensure that sewage in neighborhoods, cities and other spaces is kept in a watertight area. They help keep groundwater from getting contaminated and are available in different shapes and sizes.

Depending on the scope of the project that you are planning, a precast wet well can be configured for single or multi-level use. They are also available in single, dual, or multi-compartments, and if you need to customize them for any reason, you can.

Regardless of how big or small your project is, there is a wet well option that will suit.

How are wet wells maintained?

Concrete can erode. That is why it is important for these wells to be taken care of and maintained — especially because they hold bacteria and other toxic gasses.

Experts recommend that precast concrete wells are emptied and cleaned at least twice a year. This helps guarantee that there are no solids or other buildup that could damage it.

If you neglect cleaning and maintaining the wet well, there is a risk of the concrete breaking down. This could cause contamination of groundwater or damage to the pump.

Wet wells are an important part of a well-functioning water treatment system. They are affordable and highly effective in keeping raw sewage separated until it’s time to drain it.

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