What is a wing wall in a culvert? As you plan your building project, you will learn about the many types of concrete materials that you will need.

Oftentimes, the terms of the items or the types of material you will need are something that you may be unfamiliar with.

Here we will explain what wing walls are and how they can be useful for your construction project.

What Are Wing Walls in Culverts?

Wing walls are headwalls that consist of vertical concrete slabs. They extend at an angle from the pipe opening and can be made with aprons or footings if required.

They are best used for bridge support or for maximum erosion control, especially on embankments.

Wing walls are also used to help direct water flow and are helpful to control grade elevations.

This single piece of material is quick and easy to install, and the wings extend from the bridge and box culvert openings to serve as a retaining wall for the terrain nearby. The height and width vary.

When used as part of a box culvert system, wing walls sections can last a century without rusting, rotting, or eroding. The best part: Wing walls don’t need to be regularly maintained. Once they are installed, they provide the reliability and durability that you can count on.
This is why precast concrete products are the desired option for so many construction projects around the country – and the world, including many state departments of transportation.

Do You Need a Wing Wall?

Are you uncertain if you need a wing wall with your construction project? Contact our experts at Rogue Valley Precast to learn more about our array of precast concrete products.

We have decades of combined precast experience that you can count on. Also, we can customize your wing wall product to meet your site specifically.

No matter how big or small your project is, we have what you need to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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