Precast concrete barriers go by a lot of names — and commuters go by a lot of concrete barriers as they make their daily rounds on the nation’s roadways.

But no matter what you call concrete barriers, they perform functions above and beyond just helping keep traffic moving and people safe. By the way, some of those names are: ODOT-style traffic barriers, Jersey barriers, Jersey curbs, Jersey walls, Jersey bumps, K-rails, highway barriers, security barriers, median barriers, slope barriers, or Ontario Tall Walls.

Rogue Valley Precast builds precast products for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s buried infrastructure or precast concrete construction elements, our White City, Oregon, quality precast plant stands as a testament to the quality of our products and our commitment to sustainability.

Precast concrete is versatile and durable. And perhaps most importantly for many of our customers, it’s customizable. We use only the highest quality material to produce our products. That’s why you’re likely to see precast concrete barriers from our facility throughout the region.

Our ODOT RD500 Barrier and ODOT RD545 Barrier weigh 6,000 pounds and 8,070 pounds, respectively. They’re used as traffic safety control barriers. But they have multiple uses throughout the United States. This includes protection for underground wiring, construction and building safety, perimeter security, crowd control, and more.

As we mentioned above, Rogue Valley Precast’s concrete barriers are manufactured in our facility in southern Oregon, which was completed in 2019. Here we maintain our commitment to green production practices that keep us aligned with our SMaRT Certification bonafides.

Rogue Valley Precast Concrete Barriers and More

Precast concrete barriers are just one category of product that we manufacture at Rogue Valley Precast. We’ve filled our catalog with many products that align with Oregon’s Department of Transportation. These include manholes, catch basins, box culverts, concrete blocks, and more.

Forest road with concrete barriers and warning curve road sign.All our work includes the possibility of collaboration above and beyond the basic ordering of products from the catalog. Our services include engineering custom designs, delivery, and on-site installation assistance and recommendations.

Concrete barriers are designed, engineered, and constructed to last for decades of service.

When casting concrete, including prestressed concrete, for job sites, parking lots, office buildings, retaining walls, commercial buildings, and more, we offer advantages of traditional methods in which concrete is poured in place rather than delivered to the site ready for installation.

Get in touch with Rogue Valley Precast today to learn more. We manufacture our entire precast concrete production line with a focus on quality control, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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