Precast concrete dividers are multi-use and multi-functional pieces of engineering perfection. Often used as highway (or Jersey) barriers, they are constructed for a multitude of purposes. And they last for decades.

At Rogue Valley Precast, our concrete dividers are designed and produced with the utmost attention paid to quality, durability, and portability. In other words, these are customizable and reproducible precast concrete dividers that are delivered to the job site or placement location ready for installation.

The precast concrete experts at our White City, Oregon, facility manufacture many products that serve a number of applications. From buried infrastructure and precast concrete construction elements, our eco-friendly plant provides quality products and concrete solutions for our partners.

Concrete Dividers: UsesHighway overpass motion blur with city background . night scene to illustrate Concrete Dividers Functional and Customizable Solutions

While our ODOT RD500 and ODOT RD545 concrete dividers are designed specifically for traffic safety control, they are used for much more than that.

Other notable uses include protection for underground wiring, construction and building safety, perimeter security, crowd control, and more. They can be removed and replaced as needed for public safety purposes or other reasons.

In fact, these concrete dividers remind us how much variety there is in the uses of precast concrete structures, including something as relatively basic as a concrete panel or a concrete slab.

In fact, in addition to traffic control and guidance, concrete dividers are also used for flood defense, retaining walls, parking bays, view restrictions, and site access prevention.

Additional uses for concrete dividers utilized by creative builders and designers include benches, garden walls, and even skate park features!

Be sure to get in touch with Rogue Valley Precast to discuss your specific project’s needs and to see if our concrete dividers are compatible with your project and your imagination!

As always, we’re happy to discuss the ways in which our concrete dividers can be customized to your specifications right here in our Southern Oregon plant, which we opened in 2019. It’s here that we produce high-quality products while maintaining our commitment to quality control and green production practices.

Rogue Valley Precast: Concrete Dividers and More

As we’ve alluded to, precast concrete dividers are just one category of high-quality products we deliver to our partners throughout the region. We also provide the following products, which have many uses on construction sites, office buildings, parking structures, and more.

And that doesn’t cover it all. We can customize concrete dividers and much more. All it takes is for you to get in touch with us to get your project off the ground.

Keep in mind: Rogue Valley Precast also specializes in engineering, custom designs, delivery and on-site installation assistance, and recommendations and solutions for problems that may crop up during the installation process.

The process of casting concrete, including prestressed concrete, for our partners includes many advantages over traditional pour-in-place or site-cast concrete applications (in which the concrete is poured on-site).

As we’ve tried to stress throughout this piece, our precast concrete divider and other precast products are customizable. We can design, engineer, and manufacture precast concrete forms to your specifications, and then provide solutions as to the best methods of delivery and installation for your particular job and your particular job site.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about our precast plant, our precast products, or our precast concrete production methods. We look forward to working with you and learning how we can create something great together.

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