To speak about ecology blocks is to also speak about the interlocking tongues and grooves on the top and bottom. And to speak about these things is to highlight once again the customizability, versatility, and durability of precast concrete.

Ecology blocks are an innovation based on the fundamentals — the basics of material strength, geometric shapes, and extreme, collective weight working in concert.

Stone Strong Retaining Blocks to illustrate Ecology Blocks: Flexible, Customizable, and DurableOften called bin blocks, bunker blocks, or eco-blocks, they are also building blocks — for retaining walls, storage spaces, parking structures, gravity walls, sound walls (along roadways, for example), and more. They are used throughout the United States in construction sites, office buildings, and more.

They can be dismantled and reused, eliminating the need for more building materials or ongoing precast concrete production of concrete building blocks. And unlike site-cast structures where concrete is poured on the job, precast concrete structures from our quality precast plant arrive ready for assembly.

Rogue Valley Precast can assist our partners with any job requiring eco-blocks. They’re stackable and can be produced in different sizes, providing wide flexibility in layout and grouping. In fact, the modular nature of ecology blocks adds another dimension of flexibility: They can be built as temporary structures.

Ecology Blocks: Groove and Tongue

Ecology blocks feature grooves on the bottom face of the module or unit and tongues on the top face of the same unit. This eliminates the possibility of slippage during stacking.

Offset stacking ensures a stable and immovable mass that nevertheless yields to deconstruction — often with the aid of steel loops for lifting that can be mounted to the top faces.

The reusability of these blocks provides a welcome echo of the cost-savings inherent in precast concrete.

It also highlights the eco-friendly production processes we employ at our White River facility in southern Oregon.

After all, there’s no need to produce more blocks when the originals can be reconfigured, rearranged, and redone to fit the particular needs of one’s current building and construction situation.

Ecology blocks hold back landmasses. They help solidify hillsides. And their function and form also benefit other applications, such as outdoor, green, garden, and living spaces.

In fact, precast concrete ecology blocks can be arranged to contour to the land against which they are placed. This aids in landscaping design and engineering.

Ecology blocks are perfect for many different kinds of applications, be they within commercial, residential, industrial, private, public, or highway settings.

Virtually maintenance-free, precast blocks are foundational in more ways than one.

Rogue Valley Precast produces high-quality, durable, and customizable ecology blocks. And we can deliver them to your site ready for installation. Unlike traditional pour-in-place applications, workers won’t need to wait around waiting for the concrete to set.

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