Partners in Sustainability

Our knowledge base is unsurpassed in Southern Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. So when we choose partners, suppliers, or vendors, we want to make sure we’re working with the best. What does that mean? They not only have to know their industry inside and out, but they also have to share our ideals.

Rogue Valley Precast is in the process of earning SMaRT certification. Our sister facility, Columbia Precast Products, was the first buried infrastructure plant in the country to earn SMaRT certification. The belief in sustainable practices – both in the products we make and how we make them – is carried over to the partners we choose.

In order to earn the SMaRT designation, there are more than 50 requirements that must be met. The longevity of the product being made, the manufacturing process, and other factors are taken into account. One of which includes working with partners that share those beliefs or helps Rogue Valley Precast remain environmentally sound.

This can mean providing the natural materials we need to make our precast products or even choosing a partner that is in close proximity to our plant to cut down on delivery emissions. Does it really matter that one vendor is 50 miles closer than another? It does to us.

Southern Oregon is a beautiful part of the country, and we’re always looking for ways to help preserve that beauty. Here are the partners that help us do that.