Precast concrete area drains are one of the ways Rogue Valley Precast prepares our nation’s infrastructure for the future. Utilized throughout the region in both residential and commercial settings, drains collect excess water, clearing the area of standing water and stormwater runoff.

In fact, precast concrete area drain systems are integral parts of neighborhood’s and business centers’ stormwater management systems. Our drainage products are built with green production methods and are engineered to perform for decades with little to no maintenance.

That’s true no matter the job site — parking lots, business parks, housing developments — and no matter how they’re applied (for example, as standalone units or as part of a trench drain system).

Precast concrete area drains represent another in a long line of RVP concrete products that have modernized our nation’s infrastructure. Our concrete drainage systems complement our other customizable precast concrete products. All of them combine to make up a significant portion of our buried infrastructure.

With these precast concrete forms, RVP helps transform our communities right here, right now, with an eye on a more efficient and sustainable future.A stack of precast concrete drains

Area Drains: Precast Concrete from RVP

Precast concrete forms are customizable, reproducible, and built to exacting standards of size and strength. And there is simply no comparison when it comes to installation time. Precast concrete saves work hours and budgets, and it prevents downtime in ways that pour-in-place concrete does not.

Rogue Valley Precast hums each day with the collective work of expert crews informed by decades of experience. Every precast concrete product we design is manufactured to meet or exceed all standards for compressive strength as well as loading and reinforcement requirements.

In addition to our precast concrete area drains, we also produce the following (and more!):

Many of our buried infrastructure pieces are designed and manufactured to last into the next century. We oversee every step of the manufacturing process, from batching to pouring.

In the market for precast concrete area drains? Let Rogue Valley Precast know right now how we can best serve you. Remember, our products are completely customizable, so we can design drains that meet all your requirements for load ratings, pipe connections, grates and covers, sizes, and more.

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