Baffles are critical elements of oil/water separators. They represent the kind of innovation and customizability that’s possible with precast concrete forms. In fact, precast concrete baffles are truly ingenious. As manufactured by the precast concrete experts at Rogue Valley Precast, baffles are used within oil/water structures to capture oil and sediment.

Let’s take a closer look.

Certain types of watertight vaults require oil/water separators. Baffles, extending from the top and bottom of the vault, separate the compartments within the vault itself. The baffles that extend from above prevent oil from leaving the separator. Those located at the bottom of the vault trap the sediment that accumulates there.

Precast concrete baffles filter contaminants and debris from runoff. They contribute to the functioning of regional water management systems.

Rogue Valley Precast

We manufacture our products at our southern Oregon facility. And we maintain a commitment to the health of our shared environment. Not only do many of the products we make contribute to this goal, but our production methods themselves entail many features focused on green and eco-friendly production processes.

Rogue Valley Precast Plant and precast concrete bafflesFor example, we produce precast concrete baffles in Oregon using natural and raw materials. Our products are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are chemically inert.

For the buried infrastructure industry, precast concrete represents environmentally sound manufacturing processes resulting in products that achieve tremendously long lifecycles.

Precast Concrete: Baffles and RVP

Got a special project that needs our attention and expertise? Let us know. We can design and produce concrete baffles to your specifications and for your precise applications.

Precast baffles represent built-in efficiency, durability, and maintenance- and worry-free applications. All we need are a few details on your project, and we’ll get to work.

Best of all, unlike pour-in-place applications, precast concrete is delivered to the jobsite ready for installation. This can help save both time and money.

We work with customers well beyond southern Oregon, too. We deliver to job sites as far south as Redding, California, and as far north as Eugene, Oregon.

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