With a focus on quality products, local commerce, and our shared environment, Rogue Valley Precast and Klamath Falls have a lot in common. We produce our popular precast concrete in Jackson County, Oregon. That location allows us to serve local businesses — and the spectacular views remind us to protect the land, helping to keep it clean, green, and seen. Quality precast concrete in Klamath Falls has never been easier to obtain.

Rogue Valley Precast concrete and Klamath Falls are only about 70 miles apart. And while there are no falls in Klamath Falls, there is progress. And progress means construction — and construction means precast concrete forms from just up Oregon Route 140 (the longest state highway in Oregon, by the way!).

Image of the Klamath Falls OR Rogue Valley Precast locationOur new manufacturing facility in southwestern Oregon allows communities like Klamath Falls to buy local and stay local.

Project managers and construction companies don’t need to import concrete from Portland, Eugene, or Northern California anymore. They can just get in touch with Rogue Valley, and our precast concrete experts will get to work.

That goes for our neighbors in Grants Pass, Jacksonville, Ashland, Medford, and elsewhere, too!

Precast Concrete in Klamath Falls OR

Why precast concrete in Klamath Falls? And why precast concrete from Rogue Valley?

We produce high-quality, eco-friendly, precast concrete using reproducible and customizable forms that allow for quick turnaround times that simply can’t be matched, much less beaten.

With Rogue Valley at the ready, builders can secure quality vaults, catch basins, manholes, and so much more from right here in White City. For all your buried infrastructure needs, you can count on us to deliver.

We’re as connected to this region as our concrete is to the projects of which it is a part. Whenever possible, we use local vendors. That way, local construction projects throughout southern Oregon turn to us. This means they, too, are doing their part to keep it local.

As the boom times continue in southern Oregon (and just about everywhere in Oregon), construction must move fast to keep up with demand. Brand-spankin’-new businesses and business centers, housing, schools, shopping centers, and more all would benefit from the utilization of precast concrete as private and public entities build out the region’s infrastructure.

Rogue Valley Precast is uniquely positioned to deliver to Klamath Falls because we know this market like the back of our hand.

Concrete Products Last

Rogue Valley Precast concrete lasts. Our experienced crews are experts in the precast construction field. We keep our product line moving at a rapid clip. This ensures delivery of our products whenever and wherever they’re needed.

And as mentioned above, we keep it clean and green. How green? We were the first buried infrastructure facility in the United States to earn SMaRT certification. We focus on business and the environment.

This is a simple fact of our production. At each and every step in our manufacturing process, we work to keep it eco-friendly.

If you need precast concrete in Klamath Falls, get in touch with Rogue Valley.

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