Developers, project managers, construction crews, and municipal entities in the market for precast concrete in Northern California? Look just north of the state border with Oregon. There you’ll find Rogue Valley Precast.

We focus on quality precast concrete products, our shared resources and environment, and on keeping the engine of local economies purring. That means we’re pretty sure RVP, Northern Californians, and those of us living and working here in White City, Oregon, have a lot in common and a lot to be thankful for.

We produce precast concrete in Jackson County, Oregon. From this location, we serve companies up and down the Western states corridor.Rogue Valley Precast Company logo on a silo

Rogue Valley Precast concrete and the California border are only about 40 miles away from each other. Our new and state-of-the-art production facility in southwestern Oregon is quickly becoming the go-to manufacturer of precast concrete forms for builders throughout Northern California.

There’s no need to reach all the way to Portland for your precast concrete orders anymore.

Precast Concrete in Northern California

Why Rogue Valley Precast? Our customizable, reproducible concrete forms for buried infrastructure and other projects fit the bill for high quality and fast turnaround times.

We want to be your precast concrete supplier for Northern California and the surrounding environs. And we want to be your go-to supplier for as long as you’re in the building industry.

We make it easy to turn to us again and again for your concrete materials. Our eco-friendly, precast concrete is already in use throughout the region in vaults, manholes, catch basins, and much more.

Rogue Valley Precast is perfectly positioned to deliver for Northern California. We know that market as well as we know our own and can make timely deliveries for infrastructural or architectural precast and prestressed concrete forms.

Why Precast Concrete Products?

Concrete is one of the world’s oldest building materials. And Rogue Valley Precast concrete is as finely produced and durable as you’ll find anywhere.

Plus, as we referenced above, we work hard to keep things green. In fact, we were the first buried infrastructure facility in the United States to earn SMaRT certification. This means you can count on us to focus both on business and the environment in which we operate.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you. And if you need Northern California precast concrete, get in touch with Rogue Valley Precast today!

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