The basic function of a precast concrete oil/water separator is to prevent oil in stormwater runoff from getting into the local water systems. These separators form a critical part of our communities’ stormwater treatment process.

Precast concrete oil/water separators protect water and sewage infrastructure and treatment systems from infiltration by surface pollution. As such, they are a vital part of pollution abatement.

We build these durable, high-quality separators to last for decades with little to no maintenance or oversight. They are truly set-it-and-forget-it tools within a robust water treatment system.

Precast Concrete: Oil and Water Separators

We often tout the versatility of precast concrete structures — and for good reason. They’re extraordinarily strong, and their reliability is well-known. Industry colleagues throughout the construction and building trades understand they can rely on precast concrete products to do the jobs they’re designed to do.

We engineer, design, and manufacture precast concrete oil and water separators right here at our Southern Oregon facility. We install them on-site, if necessary. They perform the functions of stormwater runoff duty underneath parking lots, driveways, and other features.

These pieces withstand the heaviest of surface loads while removing oil and greases that are inevitably found in surface water runoff. 

Plus, the fact that oil and water separators from Rogue Valley Precast arrive fully produced and ready to be installed at the site means no more production, shipment, or installation delays.

And — last but not least — we manufacture our precast concrete forms using the latest in eco-friendly and environmentally sound materials and production processes.

Oil/Water Separators: Form and Function

Consider our 1000 Oil Water Separator with Diamond Plate Access (grab the PDF here!) and our 1000 Oil Water Separator with Manhole Access (PDF here).

Some of the relevant details that apply to both units:

  • Heaviest pick weight = approx. 13,600 lbs.
  • Vault meets or exceeds ASTM-c857 and H20-44.
  • 33.6 GPM flow rate at 30-minute retention.
  • 288 gallons per vertical foot.
  • 1,000 gallon capacity at 3′-6″ liquid depth.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to service this unit.

These precast oil/water separators are the right solution for communities that require strict adherence to environmental laws regarding the management of effluent. And since stormwater management needs and infrastructure are as varied as the regions in which they operate, Rogue Valley Precast can customize our forms to provide the right range of sizes and capacities.

Questions? Want to learn more about precast concrete oil/water separators? Contact Rogue Valley Precast today. We have a wide range of products for water or sewer systems.

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