We’re all familiar with the sound of our vehicles’ rubber tires passing over precast concrete railroad crossing panels and the tracks embedded within them: thumpthump thumpthump in quick succession.

Photo of a railroad crossing sign

Precast concrete railroad crossing panels are everywhere, crisscrossing the region, the nation, and the world. They provide access up and over railroad crossings for everyday traffic commuters. They also allow for the continual movement of goods from one spot to another by helping integrate railroad tracks into that same commuter landscape.

At Rogue Valley Precast, our products are designed to last and to require little to no maintenance. This is true of everything we design, engineer, and manufacture — from manholes and inlets to precast bridge components and wing walls.

Precast Railroad Crossing Panels

The high-quality of our precast railroad crossing panels is a testament to our precast concrete experts’ ability to consistently improve their designs. We can provide products and support for any railroad-grade crossing projects.

Precast concrete itself is renowned for its strength, durability, and adaptability. Best of all, the precast concrete forms can be reproduced with little downtime, saving you time and money in your project costs.

The business of moving American goods and products across the nation on the network of rails and lines is a time-honored tradition. And while the tracks themselves remain steadfast, there have been continual improvements in road-grade construction and design.

Precast concrete was built for just this type of need.

Previous materials used in railroad crossing systems — wood, asphalt, and rubber — were adequate, but they’re expensive and prone to damage and the need for replacement.

Not so with precast concrete railroad crossing panels, which offer tremendous advantages. As is the case with the other materials mentioned above, precast railroad panels can be installed directly atop the railroad ties. But precast concrete panels can also be installed on the road base, providing a much better and more durable solution.

Furthermore, precast concrete is made to order. We produce quickly with all the flexibility needed to match your project’s specific parameters. With speed and relative ease of installation.

Other types of concrete installations — e.g., those that are poured in place — waste time and money. Precast concrete is ready to install when it arrives at the job site.

Green Production Processes

A word or two about our production processes. They’re green and clean.

Our manufacturing and production processes adhere to strict environmental standards. It’s one of the reasons we were one of the first precast concrete companies to earn SMaRT certification.

SMaRT (Sustainable Materials Rating Technology) is the world standard for sustainable materials and production processes. The rating takes into account industrial, commercial, and manufacturing processes, as well as working conditions, recycling and reusability, and more.

Whether it’s light-rail or heavy-rail, precast concrete products are the future of crossing panels throughout the railroad industry. No matter the scope of your project and the requirements therein, Rogue Valley Precast is ready to work for you.

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