Precast concrete wet wells are, like all of our precast concrete products, expertly constructed, engineered, and manufactured. Like dry wells, precast concrete wet wells are used mostly for wastewater management and containment.

The main difference, however, is that wet wells retain the wastewater until it is removed, while dry wells passively disperse that water underground.

Image of a precast concrete wet wellWet wells, especially those that store sewage, require a unique combination of durability and protection from erosion. This protection is crucial, and it can be managed with a regular schedule of review and maintenance.

The bacteria that are ever-present in sewage wastewater react with gases. The byproduct is sulphuric acid, which can erode even the strongest and most impenetrable concrete forms.

Fortunately, quality control in the production process plus the aforementioned regularly scheduled oversight and maintenance will mitigate any potential problems that may crop up in this regard.

Precast concrete wet wells are watertight when installed correctly. This helps prevent waste from being released into the groundwater.

Thus, these precast forms provide a vital service in the protection of our shared environment.

Wet wells are typically used in conjunction with other buried infrastructure, such as pump stations, lift stations, and gravity flows. They can be produced in a variety of forms (single wells, dual wells, or multi-level and multicompartment wells).

Precast Concrete: Ideal for Wet Wells

There are many reasons why contractors, developers, builders, and municipal project managers seek out precast concrete for their wet wells. Some of the main reasons: It’s incredibly strong and durable, and it’s designed and produced at Rogue Valley Precast with sustainable practices in mind.

It’s also a cost-effective solution for customizable and reproducible precast concrete forms. We produce the wet wells at our facility in southern Oregon. Then they’re delivered to the job site and placed. This eliminates the need for costly delays while concrete that’s poured in place instead of precast cures and strengthens onsite.

SMaRT-certified, sustainable, and American-made, Rogue Valley’s precast wet wells are another in a long line of products designed to move things forward one project at a time.

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