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Concrete is the most popular building material in the world, at least when measured by tonnage. As the Roman aqueducts can attest to, the durability of concrete is unmatched and offers engineers many design possibilities. When it comes to installation times, nothing beats precast concrete – it’s ready when you are.

Rogue Valley Precast is powered by a crew with more than 55 years of combined experience in the industry. Whether it’s a few electrical vaults for an industrial facility upgrade or 50 manholes for a new residential neighborhood, we produce pieces that have been created in a controlled facility for optimal performance.


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What makes concrete such a desirable building material is how it stands up to the rigors of use, Mother Nature, and Father Time. But it’s more than just pouring concrete and waiting for it to harden. Each piece is engineered, taking into account loading requirements, compressive strength, reinforcement requirements, and its intended end-use.

The material is also very versatile. Whether it’s being used as steps in a high school football stadium, walls of a business park, or a drainage system for a grocery store parking lot, concrete can be made into anything our engineers say it can. Here are a few examples of what Rogue Valley Precast manufacturer:

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