As we’ve often said, concrete has been around for thousands of years and remains the most popular building material in the world. There are lots of reasons for that, with durability being at the top of the list.

But another important facet of concrete — especially precast concrete — is its versatility. The inherent malleability of the material and the customizable precast concrete forms produced at Rogue Valley Precast allow for a near-infinite variety of forms and functions.

While most laypeople think of concrete pipes, concrete buildings, and concrete barriers on roadways, the art and science of precast concrete extends to those products which do their work behind the scenes.


Case in point: concrete grease interceptors. We engineer and design them to remove fat, oil, and grease from community wastewater. We call it FOG, and in large enough accumulations, it can wreak havoc on our sewer systems and buried water infrastructure.

How? Restaurants, commercial kitchens, and other food-preparing establishments create tremendous amounts of FOG waste. Governments — both federal and local — implement strict waste material protocols to help protect that infrastructure and the water which flows through it.

Thus, we install concrete grease interceptors in order to remove grease from the waste stream, alongside fat and oils, and keep establishments up to plumbing codes. They hold considerable amounts of grease, fats, and oils, and bring the water to an acceptable level of cleanliness before discharging it into a sanitary sewer system. (Or, in industry parlance, they separate FOG so that the water reaches acceptable effluent level standards before discharging.)


Regulators cite and penalize businesses found to be in noncompliance with FOG restrictions. With a flow rate that typically exceeds 50 gallons per minute, concrete grease interceptors are efficient and simple solutions to a big problem. (This differs from grease traps, which handle less water.)

FOG solidifies and forms blockages if not removed; this can lead to backed-up sewer systems and expensive and dirty cleanups. Concrete grease interceptors separate fats, grease, and oils from the water and store them for later removal.

As our friends at Rogue Valley Sewer Services put it, “Most blockages in the local sewer system can be traced to FOG. These blockages are serious as they can be a public health, safety, and welfare risk to the local communities. The blockages often cause sewage spills, sewage overflows from manholes, sewage backups into homes and businesses and additional work for maintenance staff. Additionally, FOG hampers the treatment of wastewater at the treatment plant.”

Concrete Grease Interceptors: Rogue Valley Precast

Our precast concrete grease interceptors remove FOG. They are easy to maintain and are large enough to hold enormous quantities of material.

Here are the grease interceptor products that Rogue Valley Precast can deliver for you:

All of Rogue Valley Precast’s grease interceptor vaults meet or exceed ASTM-C1613 and IAPMO/ANSI Z1001. We build them to last. They are H-20 traffic rated. Interior plumbing is included. We include grade rings if needed.

And remember: At Rogue Valley, we’re SMaRT-certified. This means you can rely on us to deliver products made using environmentally safe materials and eco-friendly production practices.

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