Custom Precast Concrete Manufacturer

As a new precast concrete company in Southern Oregon, Rogue Valley Precast makes it a priority to understand regional requirements. Many of our products, such as manholes, electrical vaults, and catch basins, can be mass-produced. That’s because we understand the marketplace, know which items are in high demand, and have the specifications Oregon demands.

For the most part, buried infrastructure for both public and private industries is pretty straight forward. City streets need storm systems in place to minimize standing water. Catch basins are used to remove excess water from parking lots, sports fields, and other open spaces. New business parks or industrial facilities require electrical vaults to protect the electrical and telecommunication wiring.

The Rogue Valley Precast facility was designed to manufacture precast pieces like this efficiently without sacrificing quality. However, we’re more than just a cookie-cutter operation. We have produced custom precast pieces for municipalities throughout Oregon and Washington.

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