As a major part of industrial, residential, or commercial infrastructure, being able to provide underground electrical wiring or telecommunication cabling is an important part of any construction project. They may also be used within larger buildings, such as manufacturing plants, to direct power through the facility. Electrical vaults act as junction points for electrical panels or other wiring hubs. With easy access, crews can still perform maintenance and service when needed while keeping the system secure.

Electrical Vault Features

Depending on the use, there are several ways to design an electrical vault. This means they can range in size, shape, or even how the vaults can be installed. Vaults are quite versatile and can be adapted for almost any plan design.

Our largest electrical vaults can almost act as small rooms, measuring 13 feet by eight feet and nearly eight feet tall. The smallest standard vault we create is 4x4x4 feet with various configurations in between. While our plans are made to meet local Power Company specifications, we also make custom sizes for custom spaces.

Vaults are designed with specific knockouts for conduit, sumps for removing unwanted liquid, and unistrut channels to set up rack systems. Ladders are added for safety purposes and pulling irons are a key component for installation.

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