Also known as culverts or split box culverts, precast bridge sections are the perfect solution for stream or rivulet crossing, shorter vehicle crossing, or pedestrian paths below existing roads. When used together, precast bridge sections can be made as wide as needed for vehicle traffic or even agricultural uses.

These precast concrete bridges, or 3-sided bridges, can be made in several different heights based on one-foot increments. Skewed 3-sided bridges are also available when the road and stream, ditch, or other ravines need to be crossed. Easy installation makes this a fast, durable, safe option.

Advantages of Precast Bridge

There are several benefits to using 3-sided bridge components when it comes to crossings. We mentioned the ease of installation, but the strength of precast concrete just can’t be matched either. Every component of precast concrete is tested before leaving our facility. This means installation is complete once backfilling is complete.

Precast concrete for this application is designed to last a century. Steel and plastic culverts will often become frayed at the openings and rust can be an issue for metal culverts. In fire-prone areas, plastic culverts can become an issue. None of those issues are a concern for precast concrete crossings.

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