Precast Catch Basin Water Retention/Storage

Precast Catch basins are usually square and feature knockouts to group basins together or link a basin into a larger water management system. Rogue Valley Precast manufactures several sizes of catch basins, each meeting Oregon Department of Transportation specifications and other state-wide codes and regulations.

Used in green spaces, sports fields, and golf courses as well as roadways and parking lots, areas where standing water can be problematic. Imagine cruising along at 70 miles per and hitting eight inches of water on the highway. That can be a very scary situation, both for you and other nearby drivers.

While Rogue Valley opened shop in 2019, it was built with the help of 180 years of combined experience from our sister facility in Woodland. Our catch basins are durable, made to last up to 100 years, and easy to work with.

Precast catch basins can be set as part of a conduit to move stormwater to large retention ponds as well. While the amount of rainfall isn’t significant during the year, these “ponds” can be strategically placed to minimize any possible damage.

Our basins are used in both residential and commercial applications. If there are drainage problems that affect the operation of an industrial facility, catch basins can clear the standing water and protect the plant. In newer subdivisions or neighborhoods, catch basins are usually the first step in stormwater management systems.

In both cases, removing problematic standing water is no longer a concern.

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