Precast concrete bases, perfect bases, and other forms of precast concrete are all around us. Everywhere — both above and below ground as part of our nation’s buried infrastructure.

Many municipal contractors, builders, and installers are well aware of the great features of precast concrete bases and other products designed and manufactured by Rogue Valley Precast. One of the most renowned features of precast concrete is that it eliminates the need to pour the concrete on-site.

Precast concrete forms are customizable, reproducible, and eco-friendly. They last for decades, which means they’re built strong and built to last using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Concrete bases help keep your job sites humming and on schedule. That’s because Rogue Valley Precast designs, engineers, and produces your custom precast concrete bases to your exact specifications. Every detail is accounted for: precise dimensions, bolt patterns and alignment, height, weight, diameter.

Plus, installation is a snap because the bases are ready to install regardless of weather conditions or other site hindrances. No waiting for the rain to stop or the concrete to cure; precast concrete bases are ready to go.

We build it and deliver it. You set it and forget it!

Benefits of Precast Concrete: Bases

Concrete remains the world’s most popular building material. It’s not hard to see why. Some of the oldest structures on earth were built with concrete. They remain functional to this very day.

You can trust Rogue Valley Precast’s expert team of concrete creators. Our crews have decades of combined experience, and our customer service sets the industry standard.

With our precast concrete bases for manholes, you can be sure that your sewer system will last for years. The same goes for our other stormwater solutions, including catch basins, and other concrete bases.

A perfect base is ingenious in its design and performance. It creates a virtually seamless transition between sewer pipe and manhole. The design eliminates problem areas that typically pack and catch debris that obstructs the flow and operation of the pipe.

Finally, precast concrete bases are virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, you can expect fewer repairs, fewer replacements, and fewer service calls.

Plus, as we work to continually improve our precast concrete products, we’re constantly championing new features. For example, we can include concrete additives that work to combat microbial-induced corrosion.

Concrete Precast Products

In addition to our perfect bases and catch basins, you can rely on Rogue Valley to produce the following exceptional products:

Rogue Valley Precast

Precast concrete bases and other products stand the test of time.

Produced in a controlled environment and monitored by our dedicated crews, we ensure that each and every batch of concrete meets or exceeds specifications for strength and quality.

As a SMaRT manufacturer — the first buried infrastructure facility in the United States to earn this distinction — you can be sure that we’ll also meet or exceed any municipal standards for sustainability in product and production standards.

For all these reasons and more, leading manufacturers turn to Rogue Valley Precast for all their precast concrete needs. Our growing list of partners includes BASF, Haarup North America, and Columbia Machine.

Partner with us today, and let’s get started on your own project. We look forward to working with you.

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