RVP Precast Concrete Box Culverts

Used primarily for larger projects, box culverts can be found along roadways, railways, and trails as part of a larger storm drain system. As you can image, any standing water on a major highway or state route is a multi-car accident waiting to happen.

What makes precast box culverts so attractive is their ability to handle large sums of water, their design flexibility, ease of installation, and standard sizes that make for quick turnaround delivery times. Box sections are made well before they are needed, allowing the projects to meet deadlines and remain on schedule.



Rogue Valley Precast concrete box culverts are built to last, whether they’re made for storage, a safe passage under a road, or under a locomotive carrying 100 cars. All of our buried infrastructure, including manholes and vaults, are designed, mixed, and manufacture to last up to a century.

We’re able to make this claim because of how our products are manufactured. Made in a controlled environment, Rogue Valley is able to oversee all of the material handling from start to finish. Whether it’s mixing the aggregate with the cement or adding water, the proper amounts are applied to each pour.

Once hardened, we’re able to test the strength of each piece we make on-site. This allows Rogue Valley to ensure that the box culverts you receive are ready for installation. Because of this, we provide consistent, quality pieces to your job site.

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