Precast Concrete Manhole Sewer Systems

An important part of any sewer system, precast concrete manholes allow workers to access the system to perform maintenance, repairs, or investigate issues affecting the health of the line. Trying to perform routine maintenance or diagnose a problem would be almost impossible without manholes.

Nothing upsets a sewer line more than obstructions. Unfortunately, manhole connections and their channels are the most likely the culprit because of how they interact with the sewer pipes. If they aren’t matched up perfectly, debris can catch on the connection and eventually affect the flow of sewage.

Even if the pipes match up perfectly, the flow through the manhole can cause problems, too. Traditionally, workers will enter the manhole after it is installed and construct channels, by hand, so the sewage flow line matches the incoming and outgoing pipe. That is an inexact science, however.

But there is a solution.

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