Construction of a precast concrete vault structureRVP Precast Concrete Panel Vaults

Precast vault structures provide underground protection for electrical wiring, telecommunication cables, junction areas for water retention, and more. The versatility of vaults makes them a popular solution for many buried infrastructure needs. However, there are situations where a standard-sized vault can’t be delivered to the job site or easily installed.

That’s why the ability to use precast concrete wall panels is a handy solution. Lighter than one piece vaults, precast panel vaults offer the same load-bearing strength and longevity. This design flexibility means precast wall panels can be used almost anywhere for a wide variety of applications.

For example, if previously unknown buried infrastructure is discovered, or there is another obstacle that blocks the standard installation, panel vault systems can be designed, engineered, and delivered in pieces and installed around the obstruction. Give us the sizes, code requirements, and the date you need them, and our engineers will get to work.

Concrete Buildings and Energy Efficiency

In addition to panel vaults, precast wall panels are used quite extensively in the construction of commercial buildings, industrial plants, and manufacturing facilities. You’ll often see these panels during the construction of a shopping complex or business park.

In some cases, insulated wall panels are used for an even more cost-effective long-term solution to heating and cooling bills. Impervious to fire, water damage, or animal infestation, precast wall panels are a proven line of defense against the elements.

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