PP&L Electrical Precast Concrete Vaults

Rogue Valley Precast creates a wide variety of vault structures, including water, containment, and treatment vaults used in an array of industries. Our vaults can be made in several standard sizes and shapes, including square, rectangle, and round. Having to work in a problematic situation? We also create custom pieces that can be put together on site.

No matter what your vault is used for, you can be sure you be getting a durable product that’s ready for installation when you are. Whether it’s the dog days of summer or in the dead of winter, Rogue Valley products can be made and installed. That’s the advantage of working in a controlled environment.

Many traditional vaults are used as separators or retention, so customization isn’t really necessary. However, our electrical vaults can be outfitted with anything the situation calls for. If the vault will be accessed, safety ladders are necessities. Knockouts or terminator ducts are included to run conduit in and out of the vault and even racking can be included for panels and other equipment.

Most importantly, our buried infrastructure products are durable and made to last. They will handle the rigors of overhead traffic as well as the stress of the earth around them. Precast concrete vaults are resistant to fire, repel animal infestation, and won’t rot, warp, or rust like other materials.

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