Precast Concrete Dry Wells for Drainage

Although Southern Oregon isn’t usually known for its rainy weather, there are times when storms roll through that can leave a lot of standing water on the surface. Even if it’s normal rainfall, standing water near an industrial facility, greenspace, or parking lot can be a hazard.

In many cases, a wet well, catch basin, or vault structure will be used to take the water away to a water treatment plant. In the case of dry wells, the water will be dispersed underground. A precast concrete dry well should be placed far enough from a structure to make sure the foundation isn’t affected by the saturated ground.

Similar to a french drain, precast dry wells featured several holes throughout the structure. The well itself can be surrounded by gravel, filled with gravel, or left empty. The position of the well is important as it needs to be placed at a low point or depression to be fully effective.

A standard precast concrete dry well is five feet tall and has a diameter of 48 inches. Other sections may be added to increase the depth of the well, although different sizes or shapes can be made, too. Flat tops or eccentric cones are placed on top and a steel grate is used to keep larger debris from filling the well.

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