Southern Oregon has all the amenities. Livable, walkable, breathable cities with access to astonishing natural sights. Wonders that would stop anybody in their tracks. We’re talking wondrous vistas of deep green forests and snowcapped volcanic peaks. All that alongside treacherous but beautiful landscapes of rocky, desolate desert.

We opened Rogue Valley Precast in 2019 in White City, Oregon. In that time, we’ve established ourselves as the preferred manufacturer of precast concrete products in Oregon.

Our location positions us for tremendous growth. No longer will contractors, builders, and developers need to look south to California or north to Washington state to get high-quality, low-environmental-impact concrete goods.

Our products range from items designed for buried infrastructure products to bridges, manholes, vaults, and sumps.

But there’s another item that’s increasing in popularity and that delivers all the durability and functionality that buyers have come to expect from Rogue Valley Precast.

That item? A precast utility trench.Heavy crawler construction excavator digs trenches for urban utilities at a construction site during road repair on a city street to illustrate Precast Utility Trench

RVP’s Precast Utility Trench

Builders use precast concrete utility trenches as part of our nation’s stormwater and runoff infrastructure. Drainage structures funnel water away. The water is captured and diverted elsewhere, including to treatment facilities.

Architects and engineers use these robust and efficient systems as throughways for electrical, cable, and other types of wiring for various utilities. Storm water, heavy duty cable trench systems, with easy access, load ratings that set the industry standards — all are available with RVP’s premier precast trench products.

We customize precast concrete trenches precisely for the demands of a particular job site. We can design and produce them to feature such additions as pipe openings and knockouts, and we can manufacture them using custom lengths, widths, and heights.

Rogue Valley’s precast utility trench is just one of many solutions we can provide for you and your development. And with our green and eco-friendly production practices, there should be no question about whether or not we meet the environmental standards of any particular municipality.

Our wet cast techs and cage assembly workers are ready to get started on your utility trench project now. Our 16,000-square-foot facility functions with high precision and high capacity.

Contact RVP today, and let’s start a project together.

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