Stone Strong Precast Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

When landscaping for the home, building a retaining wall is a solid, quick way to provide an attractive feature. Precast retaining wall blocks are easy to put in place and provide immediate appeal. For much larger projects, such as protecting wetlands or providing stability to hillsides, construction managers need something a little heftier.

Stone Strong precast concrete retaining wall blocks offer all of the appeal and practical use of those backyard walls. But there’s a big difference between holding back a few yards of dirt and holding back several tons of dirt. Large-scale excavation jobs, such as along highways or at business parks, and even some residential plans need these larger blocks.

Rogue Valley is the lone manufacturer of Stone Strong System Blocks in Southern Oregon. Because of their unmatched safety, durability, and greatly reduced installation time, these products are popular throughout North America. These are the biggest blocks in the industry. However, they remain lighter than other blocks due to their fully and intelligently engineered design.

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