The Rogue Valley is a beautiful place to live. The mild climate is ideal for a long growing season and the landscape is dotted with vineyards and fruit orchards. Although drier than the rest of Western Oregon, the Rogue River and its tributaries provide plenty of green areas and places to recreate.

While we felt Southern Oregon deserved a local precaster, the landscape of the area is one of the reasons we decided to position our second precast concrete manufacturing here (Columbia Precast Products in Woodland, WA, is our first). Rogue Valley Precast takes it as a personal challenge to do as little harm to the local environment as possible.

What is SMaRT Certification?

The world’s standard for sustainable materials and processes, Sustainable Materials Rating Technology (SMaRT) reviews industrial, manufacturing, and commercial products for eco-friendliness. This goes beyond not being harmful to the environment. Through their sustainability, these products can actually help the environment.

SMaRT Certification logoBeyond the product itself, how the product is made is part of the SMaRT Certification as well. In fact, there are several aspects of consideration before certification. How reusable materials are used, the facility itself, working conditions, and more are investigated before certification is earned.

Sustainable Products from Rogue Valley

Concrete by itself has been used for thousands of years and many ancient concrete structures built centuries ago still stand. That is the definition of sustainable! Today, concrete is the most widely used construction material throughout the world. Its strength, versatility, and longevity make it the ideal building blocks.

That durability is what makes concrete so sustainable. Precast concrete buried infrastructure is designed to last a century. Fewer repairs and replacements mean less material is actually needed in the long term. Where a steel culvert may need to be repaired every few decades, a concrete culvert is good for five times as long.

Upon opening our doors in 2019, we were well on our way to earning the SMaRT Certification. Basing our design on our sister facility in Woodland, WA, we made improvements when possible. Perhaps the biggest improvement we made was the installation of solar panels over 75 percent of our roof.

Along with the ability to save and reuse waste materials and water in a controlled environment during the production process also worked in our favor. By sending less material to the landfills, Rogue Valley is doing our part to slow the proliferation of refuse.

Precast concrete is a highly engineered product, designed for maximum strength and durability. Still, we keep an eye on every batch of concrete we make and constantly test during the process. This is a much more difficult process when concrete is poured in the field.

Even the little things can add up over the long haul. For example, when choosing a partner or vendor, we’ll consider both the quality of their product/service as well as location. If we can shorten the amount of time delivery trucks need to be on the road to cut down on emissions, we will.

Helping Your Next Construction Bid

As we said earlier, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest is Disneyland for a nature photographer. The coast, forest ranges, valleys, and high deserts, there’s a little bit for everyone. And we want to keep it that way. A region at the forefront of eco-friendliness, many state and local jurisdictions require “green” aspects for almost every project.

By nature of our product and our process, Rogue Valley Precast will check many of those boxes. We’ll deliver the manholes, catch basins, or box culverts when you need them, ready for installation. Once in place, back-filling can begin, keeping you on schedule. From an environmental and financial standpoint, it’s an easy decision to make.

Are you a private company ready to build or a municipality in need of a stormwater drainage system? Contact Rogue Valley Precast for an estimate. We have worked extensively with the Oregon Department of Transportation and are quite familiar with their codes and regulations.

Our engineers also know their way around a custom concrete product, too. You bring us the specifications, and we’ll do our best to deliver what you need. In either case, you’ll be getting buried infrastructure that will last for decades and help the environment at the same time.

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